MTS Formula 1 website

[The work is in the museum]

The website features fresh news about the “stables” and pilots, the schemes of the courses, the calendar and results of Formula–1 races. One of the sections is devoted to the Sauber team that’s sponsored by MTS.

Website was designed in the “racing” style

All grand-prix races are broadcast on the website. Information on pilots’ position on the course and comments on the progress of competitions are available for fans.

MTS customers can get a detailed SMS report on each stage of the competition and participate in contests dedicated to Formula–1.

Every week a new stage of the flash game starts off at the website. Users can compete with other players or with a computer. The player’s best result is put on the table of records.

All texts for the website were provided by MTS.

Release date: April 19 2003


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