“Pillow Fight” flash game for MTV

[The work is in the museum]

“Pillow Fight” is a classic arcade with three floors of pillow action. It develops your before sleep battle skills, teaches you to overcome difficulties and cheers you up.

“Fuzz All Ova. Pillow Fight”

Before playing you need to choose a character—there are a clubber, a rapper, a punk and a heavy rocker. Pick your guy and bring it on.

Character select

You are standing in the entrance hall of MTV Studio with a pillow in your hand. Your goal is to wander the building and beat up everyone�security men and pop singers. From time to time, there arrive �stars� on white limousines with bodyguards�they, too, are to be fought with pillows. You walk the hallways, go to different floors and keep battering each and every person you meet. Security men and bodyguards follow you trying to baton you back.

Your character is awarded points for each scoring hit�security men and bodyguards are worth little, artists are more expensive and the stars have yet higher value. Once you reach the certain stage, your points turn into hearts which you are supposed to collect to gain a bonus life. But if you get hit on the head, you lose one.

You can hit 50 times with one pillow, and then you need another one. Beating people without a pillow is harder, so you should open the door closest to you and look for a pillow there. You might find it, and get another 50 hits. Or the room may be empty. Or it may be not, and there may be many security men who would hurry to baton you and take away your life.

Game scene

At some point you may come over a super pillowcase. It doubles your pillow endurance. Grab it.

It’s over if you are hit on the head too many times and have no lives left. If by then you have managed to beat up a great bunch of stars, artists and security men, you can make it to the Best Pillow Fighters list.

Release date: March 27 2002


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