Set of interactive greeting cards for MTV

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[The work is in the museum]

During the weeks leading up to Christmas Art. Lebedev Studio created a series of interactive greeting cards for MTV-Russia channel.

Окно в мир

The set consists of five crackpot greeting cards that the visitors of MTV’s Russian website can send to say “Merry Christmas” to their friends, parents, work colleagues, kids, school buddies, casual acquaintances and the rest.

Сливки общества

The cards depict a frosted window, a lady’s belly, a foreign car wing, a nape and a bare back. Before sending the card, the sender should write on it: to do that, use your brain power to think of the words of congratulation and use the mouse pointer to bring it onto the surface of the image.

Гвоздь сезона

For example, if the user selects the greeting card with a frosted window, the mouse pointer will turn into a palm with a sticking index finger. This is the finger one should use to scratch a congratulatory message on the window. Once the inscription is done, the greeting card can be sent off.


The greeting cards come with a relevant sound: the squeak of the index finger, the hissing of the cream spray can, the rasp of a nail and two humming sounds: that of a trimmer and that of the tattoo machine.


Release date: December 23 2002


art director
designer, animator and programmer
ActionScript consultants

Typeface: HeliosThin

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