The making of the Christmas tree for Muzeon Park

Overview   Process   Real Life  

We need to design something Christmassy that can be installed at the park entrance. It can be any eye-catching and memorable object—interactive, illuminated, doesn’t matter, as long as it’s striking and entertaining. It can’t be just an ordinary decorated Christmas tree.

Deciding to make a tree out of ladders—a stack of intersecting ladders that from a distance resembles a fir tree, with an arbor decorated with lamps, swings and benches inside, and some Christmas decoration in the center.

Or we can make a tree that looks like a topographic symbol.

Opting for the ladder concept. Engineers make changes to the design. The number of benches should equal the number of bearing ladders. The frame should be cone-shaped.

Art director suggests to put a star on top and add characters that climb the tree to decorate it. Deciding that the central element should be a pile of presents.

Taking pictures, drawing characters.

Remodeling the frame five more times. Done!

The contractor makes and assembles the tree.

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