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    Besides information on the association’s activities, the website also features a large number of documents: laws, decrees, orders and publications about the pension sector and non-governmental funds’ operations.

    Сайт НАПФ
    Website was designed in a light, optimistic style

    To illustrate website sections, Art. Lebedev Studio designers for the first time used paper figures: for several nights in a row they cut out with mini-scissors from blue and green paper the outlines of outstretched arms, cups with steaming coffee, spectacles, trees and the structure of the association.

    Release date: February 27 2003


    art director
    Ilya Mikhaylov
    Anton Yarusov
    technical designer
    Anastasia Pikalova
    Andreyka Lechev
    Stepan Reznikov
    Vitaly Evdochenko
    Oksana Klimenko
    Andrey Voronkov
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