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Task: to prepare a design concept, brand name, and website templates for a serious matchmaking company. is an online matchmaking service for grownups in search of that significant one. The site is strictly moderated and secure from fake profiles.

navsegda site main
Welcome page

The complex pattern made of interests, thoughts, and all things favorite adorns the site.

navsegda site new
Conversations on books, pets, and life meaning

Users get to know each other in the most natural way—through talking about all kinds of things. All comments to different discussions are shown on the author’s profile.

navsegda site profile
Profile page
navsegda site algorithm
Happiness algorithm

Release date: January 19 2011


art director
technical director
beta tester
project manager
Art. Lebedev Studio is deeply grateful to Bogdan Bolkhovetsky and Oksana Galukh for their assistance with this project

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