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to create beautiful enclosures for home radiators.

NBBK manufactures radiators (or more precisely, convectors) for home heating. Beautiful, functional and inexpensive to produce enclosures for the convectors were created at the studio.

NBBK convectors come in floor or wall-mounted versions; enclosures for both kinds were developed.

nbbk floor
Enclosure for floor-mounted radiators consist of a screen and two supports

The design of the enclosures allows the convectors to operate with maximum effectiveness and produce more heat: air under the enclosure heats up quickly and rapidly exits the radiator. The structure profile narrows towards the top for better draft.

Enclosures for wall-mounted convectors have the heat output opening in the front, directing the heated air inside the room, not at the window sill. Besides, this prevents dust from getting inside the radiator and makes it more comfortable for cats to sleep on. In floor-mounted radiators the air comes out on two sides: one side heats the room and the other creates a heat cushion between the warm room and the cold window.

The enclosures have the minimal number of parts and are manufactured from bent metal sheets making them very cheap and easy to produce.

The enclosures work great with any heating systems, no matter how many pipes feed the radiator or from which side.

nbbk wall
The wall-mounted radiator enclosure is made of a front panel, two brackets and a top cover

The laconic white radiators resemble high-tech electrical appliances and fit perfectly into modern interiors.

nbbk window

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