Davaj Nescafé information and entertainment portal

[The work is in the museum]

The website contains a full and precise schedule of leading Ukrainian cinema theaters’ cinema shows. You can also read here the latest film reviews, peek into well-known actors’ and directors’ profiles, get updates on the upcoming premiers and the most expected events—festivals and cinema forums. Cinema news along with the red-hot, racy and scandalous facts from the cinema world are laid bare here, too.

Website main page

Information on all cinema halls and theaters Nestlé cooperates with includes such data as the number of seats, hall breakdowns into price sectors, addresses and roadmaps, box office phone numbers. The website visitor can figure out the current schedule with the help of the quick search option by specifying four parameters (city, theater, name of the film and date).

Upon registration, the visitor gets an e-mail address and access to interactive services (subscription, contests, forums).

Nescafé corporate colors and symbols are implicitly present in the website design. Coffee lovers are going to find here a collection of desktop wallpaper and screensavers devoted to coffee along with lots of curious details from the history of this beverage.

DavajNescafé project was ordered by the Ukrainian representative office of Nestlé.

Release date: May 19 2003


art director
technical designer

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank the employees of the Ukrainian representative office of Nestlé—Alyona Volosovskaya, Oleg Spivak and Anna Kholyavchuk—for their invaluable contribution to the project

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