Nestlé Ukrainian website

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Nestlé is one of the world’s leading food companies.

The site combines perfect taste and uppermost quality. It features magnificent graphics and easy-to-understand double navigation, all in Nestlé’s corporate colors.

New Year’s main page

Its main page looks nearly alive—there is a big tree in the middle and a whole family around it representing Netslé’s target consumers. Dad is reading a book. Red kitten moves his tale. Cocker raises his paw. Mom pets the dog. Girl dangles her legs on a swing. Boy plays football.

The site tells all about the Nestlé products such as Nescafécoffee, Nesquik cacao drink, Maggi soups, Nuts chocolate bar, baby food, Friskies, Felix, Darling, Gourmet and Doko Professional pet food.

Visitors are generously offered delicious recipes, nurture recommendations and pet advice. There are special sections for mommies, sweet-toothed people, kids and pet lovers.

You can also read the&nbps;company’s history climbing an amazing interactive tree with fact nests.

Nescafé Café

Nescafé Café is an online bar where you can make yourself a virtual cup of coffee using the incredibly realistic machine we created. You can even add any ingredients of your choice, but not too many—your drink might spill over.

Release date: April 05 2002


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