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    to create a logo for a startup working on neural networks and parking.

    The Neuroparking project was designed to control parking spaces of any city by using CCTV surveillance and neural networks. Both the surveillance and situation analysis occur without any human intervention. A logo emphasizing the technological connection of parking and neural networks was created for the project at the studio.

    neuroparking logo en
    neuroparking logo ru
    English and Russian versions of the logo

    The shape and color of the logo resemble a traditional parking sign. The first letter of the name is recognizable in any language environment thanks to its signature rendering using slashes: /\/ for Latin script and /~/ for Cyrillic.

    neuroparking cam
    neuroparking last 1
    neuroparking last 2

    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Ivan Tikhomirov

    project manager

    • Denis Zhelezny
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