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Neva Cosmetics is one of Russia’s premier suppliers of beauty and health products based on natural components.

Website main page

The website features the complete range of the company’s products: crèmes, shampoos, soap, balms, toothpastes, children’s cosmetics, washing powders and many other things.

Illustrations for the “Beauty Salon” section

You can choose a product in the catalog or use an electronic helper that will give you a clue on which of the products meets your requirements.

Secrets of Soap Bubbles Production, a flash reel in the “Miscellanea” section

Apart from all sorts of useful information, the website features many sections both grownups and children may be interested in: “Naïve Questions”, “History of the Fabulous Smile”, “From the Mouth of a Babe” and others.

Release date: September 06 2003


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