Nissan website

[The work is the museum starting Jan 2006]

Nissan is ranked among the world’s top automobile producers.

The website tells its visitors about the company, its history and success on the world market. There is a separate section providing information on Nissan’s business activity in Russia where you can look at the lineup of cars produced for this country and learn how Almera is different from Patrol GR.

Use of corporate colors—red, blue and white—did not restrict its originality in design

Main page feature a simplified 3D model of Moscow Automobile Ring Road created by Alexander Komov. The road circles the Nissan logo and has cars, a swing gate, road lights and a crosswalk. There are also three short gif movies for links to the main sections. It is really worth seeing.

Release date: March 03 1999


art director & designer
3D graphics & animation
technologists & coders
Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technology

Typefaces: Web Design, Helvetica

Only legal software was used in this project

Website operated under Linux using Apache

Hereby we confirm that Nissan Europe N. V. Moscow Affiliate has been cooperating with Art. Lebedev Studio for over a year. We believe our decision to work with the Studio on our Russian website was the right one. Developing the project we established mutual understanding and succeeded to finish the site in time. The Studio’s professional staff paid careful attention to all our concerns and suggestions and offered brilliant and original ideas that allowed us to have this excellent website launched in March 1999. As the Studio continues to support and update the resource, it proves greatly representative and useful to Nissan’s clients and resellers and provides sufficient information for media purposes»

N. V. Yermakov
Marketing Coordinator

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