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Cyclone 7L vacuum cleaner

Nizhniy Novgorod Machine-Building Plant ordered the tuning of the 7th series Cyclone vacuum cleaner. The new model was given the L index.

General view of the vacuum cleaner

Internal machinery and metal parts of the basic model’s body remained unchanged.

On the illustration new plastic parts are black, while the existing basis is transparent

Color palette of the new model

The on/off button is now in the upper part of the body. The cord can be wrapped around the new handle when the vacuum cleaner is stored in the closet

Snap latches were made bigger to make the opening of the vacuum cleaner easier, while their rounded form will prevent the cord from hitching on them during the cleaning

The model has four wheels instead of three. The wheels were enlarged to prevent the vacuum cleaner from getting stuck on carpets when it’s moving

Additionally, Art. Lebedev Studio developed a set of new nozzles.

A set of nozzles for major kinds of cleaning

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