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    [The work is in the museum]

    The promotion website was created to highlight the features of Nokia N-Gage gamer’s phone. The phone combines the functions of a mobile device supporting Java and Bluetooth, SMS and MMS services, mobile Internet with extended game possibilities and features an inbuilt MP3 player and an FM tuner.

    Colorful and vivid, the Nokia N-Gage website will not leave the people who can’t live without playing computer games disappointed

    The unique phone for gamers contains a catalog of Nokia games available on game cartridges and allows its users to play individually or in a team with the help of Bluetooth and GPRS. The website contains detailed information on the phone, the description of all games that were developed especially for N-Gage, N-Gage-inspired screensavers and wallpapers for PC.

    The promotion website was ordered by Nokia’s Russian representative office.

    Release date: September 29 2003


    art director
    technical designer
    Macromedia Flash developer
    Art. Lebedev Studio proprietary technologies:
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