NT-MDT SPM report editor interface

SPM images and analytic frames in connection with them represent results of a scientific research and need to be well prepared for publication.

SPM report editor uses module grid, i.e. workspace consists of rows and columns of cells. You can bring different object containing images, graphics or framed text onto the grid adjusting them to occupy a whole number of cells.

It’s not that often that you see research results organized so well.

SPM images processing software includes an editor for making reports in MS Office and PDF format.

Release date: June 03 2005


art director
interface developers & designers

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Stanislav Leesment for his contribution to the project

Images and data frames may be incorporated in a report. Their appearance is automatically modified for producing a hard copy.

Data frame and profile optimization: Axes on the image are replaced with scale indication; triangular markers turn into 2pt circles with outline thickness of 0.4 pt; marker data is shown in a table

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