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    Odessa city visual identity guidelines (In Russian, PDF, 73 MB)

    Task: to design a city visual identity.

    Founded in 1794, Odessa is one of the most beautiful cities, the one which steals your heart once and for all. It’s also the largest sea port in Ukraine.

    odessa logo
    The logo elegantly weaves together an anchor, heart, lighthouse, waves, and power


    art director
    another designer
    type designer
    project manager
    Aleksandra Nikitina

    The studio wants to thank Ivan Liptuga and Plaske company—the city’s council official partner—for collaboration on this project

    The Privoz market and the Potyomkin Stairs are well-known sights, but the city has much more to offer: did you know that it hosted Mendeleyev’s first chemical lab or that Russian writer Kuprin nearly killed himself there in an biplane crash? For the city’s visual identity, we created a logo, selected typefaces and colors, and prepared a set of rules for the design’s many applications from street signs to t-shirts.

    odessa logo options
    Logo in Russian, Ukrainian, and English

    The city is even more lovely now.

    odessa pattern
    Signature pattern

    A brief style guide covers the handling of the visual identity elements designed in the studio

    odessa brandbook caligraphy
    Pages on laying out and using the typographic composition
    odessa brandbook fonts
    Pages on the signature typeface
    odessa brandbook colors
    Pages on signature colors
    odessa elements
    A decorative frame featuring nautical knots
    odessa gifts
    A souvenir from the Black sea
    odessa men

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