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    Overview   Process  

    Studying the competitors’ websites.

    okonti process 01

    The site has to reflect the scale of the company, so that it would be immediately apparent.

    It’s important to have a simple price calculator, so that the customers are able to pre-calculate the cost of windows, including installation and other services. The calculator should have a choice of some additional parameters without being overly tedious.

    Coming up with the concept. At its core is an illustrated story about the advantages and the “animated” windows.

    okonti process 02

    The client approves our concept, and we begin to carefully study the materials provided.

    okonti process 03

    Planning out the main part of the site.

    okonti process 04

    Special attention is paid to the price calculator.

    okonti process 05

    Making the layout of the site’s sub pages and the calculator.

    Arriving at the conclusion that the calculator isn’t always showing the exact cost—there are too many factors that can influence it.

    And besides, the role of the calculator is different: it should give you an opportunity to play with the parameters, learn the terminology, and help you decide on the one particular window and its specific features.

    okonti process 06

    Advised by the art director, we’re trying to make the site visually more simple.

    okonti process 07

    Livening up the page using animation inside the windows.

    okonti process 08

    The client says it’s boring—the animation is not enough. The concept itself was more interesting.

    Ok, let’s talk about the advantages of modern plastic windows, supporting each statement with a solution and a link to the calculator below.

    okonti process 11
    okonti process 09

    Working on pages for the calculator.

    okonti process 10

    At the same time, thinking about the site navigation and painting the top in trademark color.

    okonti process 13

    Taking pictures of the “shopping assistant” for the calculator and other sections of the site.

    okonti process 21

    Thinking about the style of icons.

    okonti process 14

    Coordinating the imagery used in icons.

    okonti process 15

    Drawing the confirmed icons and technical illustrations.

    okonti process 16

    Going to the client’s factory and conducting a photo shoot for the part of the site that introduces the company.

    okonti process 22

    Making renders of the windows and units for the main page.

    okonti process 18 1

    The file size of the page with png-windows is just too heavy. The technologists solve this problem by adding masks, and optimizing the main page for different browsers.

    okonti process 19
    okonti process 20

    Applying the masks, testing, done.

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