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to create a logo for a manufacturer of electronic locks.

Olduvai makes remote controlled electronic door locks. They are no less strong than regular locks but have a whole lot of useful functions. For example, right from your phone you can give temporary access to your apartment to various people and services, from your brother-in-law to plumbers and cleaners.

A logo praising modern technologies and implying considerable advantages over old types of locks was designed at the studio.

olduvai logo

The logo is made of an image of a door and a metaphor for entry. A simple radial gradient separates the top half of the logo from the bottom one, ding that not in a hard way but rather gently and smoothly.

The logo tells us: doors with electronic locks are not barriers from outside world, they are more like membranes that let only the select few in.

olduvai types

The logo can be easily adapted for various color versions.

olduvai colors

A simple gradient turns almost any image into an element of corporate style.

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