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Optimus Popularis software and documents

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Optimus Popularis Configurator allows you to switch between different layouts depending on the current OS language or active application. You can customize layout either through the Settings menu or using an external graphic editor. Interface is based on layers used to create custom keyboard layouts.



Download and install Optimus Popularis Configurator. Plug in your Optimus Popularis keyboard and connect it to your computer. Tray icon color changes the moment Configurator detects Optimus Popularis keyboard.

Software version 2281 features

  • Automaric brightness decrease when inactive

  • Keys without plugin are now labeled

  • Numerous bugs fixed

Download and launch Optimus Popularis Configurator.

Software version 1.03 features

  • Fixed problem with saving layers

  • Removed openssl dependency

  • Some crashes fixed

  • OS X El Capitan and Sierra compatibility issues fixed

  • Fixed problem with Greek and Chinese keyboard layouts

5 MB
6,3 MB

Configurator manuals

In English
 optimus-popularis-configurator-manual-eng.pdf   5.6 MB

In Russian
 optimus-popularis-configurator-manual-rus.pdf   5.6 MB

Software version 2171 features

  • Image on keys dissapearing bug fixed

Software version 2170 features

  • Word and Photoshop layers added

  • Gmail plugin implemented

  • Keyboard communication and render speedup

  • Layers loading and saving fixed

  • English language by default

  • Several rare crashes fixed

Software version 2134 features

  • Several crashes fixed

Software version 2049 features

  • Initial version

Software version 2230 features

  • Web browser plugin implemented

  • Adobe Bridge layer added

  • Numerous bugs fixed

Software version 1.02 features

  • Hotfix of 1.01

Software version 1.01 features

  • Fixed crash when running Configurator on Intel Xeon processors family

Software version 1.0 features

  • Renamed button "Delete Layer" → "Delete" as it works for Group too

  • Fixed issue with left sidebar becomes transparent after adding new Group Layer

  • Fixed issue with selecting pictures from Picture Library

Software version 0.99 features

  • Added a lot of premade layers, which are automatically installed with the first run of Configurator, users could reset to them using Configurator > Support > Remove all layers and restore default menu in Menu Bar

  • Fixed issue with left sidebar becomes transparent after adding new Group Layer

  • Fixed issue with selecting pictures from Picture Library

Software version 0.98 features

  • Fixed issue with flipped control layer

  • Fixed issue with Date and Time plugin

  • Added feature to reset custom layers (Optimus Popularis Configurator > Debug > Reset layers in Menu Bar). This also can be used to fix several issues when upgrading from older versions of Configurator.

Software version 0.97 features

  • Updated plugins

Software version 0.96c features

  • Configurator is now 64-bit application

  • Support for some non-Apple keyboard layouts

Software version 0.95 features

  • Fixed bug with compound layer buttons size

  • Some UI improvements for smaller screen resolutions

Software version 0.94 features

  • Fixed some key codes issues

Software version 0.93 features

  • Performance improvements

Software version 0.92 features

  • Bundled with firmware

  • MacBook Pro Retina support

  • Configurator is now Mavericks-only application

Any trouble? Feel free to e-mail us at support@artlebedev.com. Please do not forget to specify the version of your operating system.

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