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Optogan LED lightbulb

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Task: To design the first Russian manufactured LEDs.

New LEDs by Optogan marry classic lightbulb expectations with the latest in microelectronics and diode technology. It has the same shape as a standard household bulb, but don’t be fooled by the looks, the beauty shines from within. Literally.

optogan two lamps
Energy-saving Optogans matching the brightness of a 40W and a 60W incandescent

The heat dissipating element is a set of hi-tech cast aluminum ribs progressively curving from the base in a pleasant organic way. The wavelike surface contributes to the look and to the cooling function.

optogan rad
Separate radiators were designed for extrusion and for casting

Release date: December 01 2010


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optogan works
Optogans at work
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