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    Overview   Process   Real Life  

    The client needs some sort of a game for children for putting inside boxes of chocolate. We decide to use stickers and try to think what they should look like.

    Maybe, a height meter made of various kid stuff?

    Or a super cow?

    A cube as a treasure?

    A cubic cow.

    Trying out ideas from different illustrators.

    Placing the cow on the packaging:

    Doesn’t look good. Trying out other cubic cows.

    Coming up with a cow that gives milk and chocolate at the same time.

    An animal of a cow.

    Developing the idea into a super cow that gives super powers.

    Yeah, power cubes.

    Remembering how half a year ago an art director brought some candy to the studio for his birthday and wrote a letter:

    Guys and girls!
    I’ve brought some magic candy for you to our cafe on the fifth (in Moscow). Eat the pink one, and get +5 to beauty. The blue one will give you +5 to courage. The yellow one—+6 intelligence. And the blue one—+6 to programming style.
    The changes will become evident to you and the others within a week.

    The blue candy were the first to go. Since the idea works, we must put it to good use.

    Going to a shop and checking out how the packaging prototype looks on a shelf.

    Client: Is it a cow or a bull? We need a gentle-looking cow without its udder sticking out.

    Laying the cow aside for a while. The +1 idea looks promising by itself.

    Client: We like +1, but I want to see the cow, too. We need a character there.

    Kaleidoscope, euphoria, explosion and reckless racing—everything about childhood is here.

    Calming down the packaging and bringing the cow to the front.

    Client: The cow doesn’t look kind and nice enough.

    Redrawing over again.

    Art director: The chocolate doesn’t look tasty and doesn’t look like a cube. And let’s try the chocolate barbells.

    Meanwhile, the work on the typeface for the name is well under way.

    Client: We held a focus group in a school, no one seems to understand what +1 means. Let’s just go with the cow. And hide the udder.

    Looking at the result. Looks clean, yes. Meeting the client again and convincing to leave in +1 as well.

    Choosing the background, the breed of the cow, the spots, the ribbon color, the head angle, all that.

    Thinking what to write inside.

    Slogans for high school age.

    We’ll show the stickers on a picture, and the cow will reassure parents.

    Inventing the stickers.

    Trying on.

    The box has a special sticker. Maybe it was supposed to be the udder (in fact, no).

    A bit more reserved and tasty.

    Creating individual wrappings.

    Putting it all together and preparing color proofs.

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