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  • Ozersky Souvenir
  • The making of the stickers for +1 in Cubes chocolate for children

    • Process

    Since the chocolate is popular among both kids and adults, we need to find a universal idea for new stickers. Something that would be appropriate both for children and grown-up hipsters.

    Candy people? Grandpa Raisin, serious Chocoman, Cookie the hedonist, skating Ice Cream?

    Art director: Well, these are really plain and boring. We need a set that would allow to create unique pictures.

    Designer: Then we can combine characters with various things.

    Or here is another idea for building your own characters.

    Or pieces of animals.

    Art director: Interesting, but the cuts look macabre.


    There are also teleports. The animal’s back can be in one room and the front in another.

    Art director: Yep, that’s good. Still, let’s show all ideas.

    Demonstrating all of the ideas to the client. The client likes teleports and candy people, but also wants something featuring cows. How can we possibly combine all of that?

    The art director convinces the client to go with one idea for now and save others for future sticker sets.

    The client chooses teleports.

    The designer draws characters and cuts them in half.

    Art director: Not enough, draw some more.


    Showing to the artistic director. Everything is great. Printing.

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