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Osoboe Mnenie vodka corporate identity

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Task: to create an identity for a premium vodka brand.

Osoboe Mnenie is a brand of high quality premium vodka of Rus-East company. The name, corporate identity, bottles and packaging for the vodka were developed at the studio.

osoboe mnenie identity bottles
Labels with a clean and simple logo are complemented by intricate medallions

Boxes of two colors are used to distinguish between two types of vodka.

Release date: October 30 2007


artistic director
art director and designer
type designer
project managers
osoboe mnenie identity packs
The Deluxe version looks more strict and respectable

Rules for the use of the elements of the corporate identity are given in a brand book.

osoboe mnenie identity bb bw
Opening with monochrome versions of the logo
osoboe mnenie identity bb medallions
Opening with decorative medallions

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