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Oversun logo

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Problem: Create a space-related progressive logo design.

Thanks to Oversun, Russia is going to see modern data centers set up all over the country, using the most recent scientific developments and technologies. Amazed, the business people will be able to reap the fruits of progess, at a known service price.

The top executives of the company showed their liking for science fiction and space stuff. They picked out the name ‘Oversun’ (a term borrowed from a sci-fi story by Strugatsky brothers), and we designed a logo that is also cosmic.

The main logo is the Oversun flagship travelling through a space portal. The whole fleet comprises logos of the data centers named after the planets of the Solar System, and other projects with names from faraway galaxies.

The fantastic put-together ships are designed to match their names—Terra glows bluish green, Mars is red, and Saturn has a number of rings.

Release date: June 02 2009


artistic director
art director
type designer

In black and white the logos look like technical drawings.

Each new project can have its own logo built of the ready-made components.

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