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Task: to simplify order handling for customers and for Ozon staff alike.

Order info is presented more clearly now and you have the option to hide or show more details.

ozon orders main
The order status is color-coded

Progress bar displays the current status.

ozon orders paid
Paid orders are stamped

If you are not ready to pick up your order you can request that the warehouse extends the pick up time.

ozon orders storage
But do specify just how long

Unpaid orders are held for a limited time only.

ozon orders error
Unfortunately we cannot hold your items for you past this date

To cancel an order you do not have to call customer service, just do it online and mark your reason.

ozon orders refuse
Mini-questionnaire helps you choose the reason for cancellation and helps Ozon improve its service

Release date: June 29 2011


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technical director
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