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Paliha-750 user interface

We developed design for Paliha telephone set as to its parts, display, control and mode indication functions, and created the display typeface, icons and indicators. Paliha introduces the Studio-invented original Russian keypad layout. All in all, it’a sophisticated clean design for a technically sophisticated telephone set.

Paliha-750 comes with a comprehensive user’s manual.

Whenever you need to type text, you can quickly switch between the Latin and Russian layouts or enable caps lock. Any phone number in your phone book or calls lists is considered an interface object and can be dialed or copied to phone book.

As there are no standard operating systems for electronic devises, for Paliha we developed the whole new telephone GUI including menus, input fields of several types, buttons, switches, and indicators.

We borrowed some convenient elements from cell phones: green button in waiting mode displays last dialed numbers, down button opens your phone book. The number you dial is shown on the screen before you pick up the handset, and the signal is sent after confirmation. Those who like using hot keys can assign menu functions to number buttons.

Release date: March 26 2005


art director & designer
interface developer & designer

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Paliha uses the original Russian layout along with traditional Latin layout in red letters appearing in centered groups.

When typing you see letters available for the current button

Type size is 10 points

The images below show a number of versions of functionality realization offered by the Studio.

Dialing and speaking

Waiting mode


Incoming call

Outgoing call

Speaking mode


Alarm clock



Alarm clock list


Alarm frequency

Calls and messages archive

Calls and messages

Call with a message

Undefined call

“It’s John, call me back”

Confirmation request

Phone book

Browsing a menu

Browsing an entry

Viewing an entry

Creating an entry

Editing an entry

Selection options

Options, help

Volume level


Classes and data types diagram, four main menu branches schemes

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