Company Telephone Interface Handset Base Project

The industrial design and interface of the Paliha-750 telephone set were created by Art. Lebedev Studio in 2002–2003.

Our efforts resulted in a truly charming and high-quality phone set.

On sale: P-750 model
Functionality: telephone, automatic redial, caller ID
Price: $180

You can purchase Paliha-750 in Art. Lebedev Studio office (we’ll give you a discount if you buy more than 10 items). Please contact Julia Solovyova.

Release date: January 17 2003


art director and designer
interface developer

We like to dream and see our dreams fulfilled. Art. Lebedev Studio succeeded in finding an absolutely fresh design solution for the telephone set and implementing something that was earlier available only in some other technological areas. The elegance and subtlety of lines prompt your hand to reach out for the handset or push buttons, or keep your eyes riveted on the display. This is evidence of the supreme expertise of designers who can generate ideas and see them through to implementation. This has no doubt been an artistic success, and we are happy to begin this coöperation with this extraordinary project »

Tatyana Zhuravlyova,
Paliha General Director

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