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    to create warm pavilions for parks.

    Walking in a park in the winter is wonderful: snow-covered trees are all around, snowdrifts sparkle in the sun, birds are jumping from branch to branch. There’s only one problem: about half an hour later your fingers start feeling numb and the only thing you want to do is get into a hot bath. To prolong the pleasure of winter walks, we have developed Pavilyonuses, heated pavilions that provide warmth and comfort in cold days.

    The geometrically simple Pavilyonus-1 looks very modern and fits into any park. The metal frame is covered with cozy wood from all sides.

    pavilionus1 1

    Inside, Pavilyonuses have hammocks or tables with benches. You can bask in the warmth, drink hot tea and enjoy the views through the huge panoramic window—pure bliss!

    pavilionus1 2

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    art director

    • Artemy Lebedev


    • Nikita Barinov
    • Edoardo Rizzuti

    project managers

    • Larisa Melnikova
    • Alexey Igoshin
    Pavilyonus  Industrial design  Moscow  City