Payana corporate identity

Problem. Create a festive corporate identity.

Payana is a shoemaking and shoeselling company. Payana stores sell shoes to women, girls and those other who may accompany the ladies.

Payana’s new trademark is a ribbon that looks both like the first letter of the company name and a shoe

Each new pair of shoes means a little festivity to a lady and it doesn’t even matter that she’s already run out of space. We kept this in mind to create Payana’s new logo and design its shoeboxes, bags and discount cards.

Release date: December 27 2007


art director
type designer

Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Marina and Evgeny Ovchar and Natalia Matveeva for their contribution to the project

Festive ribbons make cute shapes on Payana bags

Percentage of pleased women goes up

Boxes eager to please lucky customers

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