Pepelkus outdoor cigarette receptacle

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Task: to design a convinient to use and reasonable to produce outdoor cigarette receptacle.

Pepelkus outdoor cigarette receptacle can be mounted on any street pole, won’t be mistaken for a regular garbage container, and empties easily.

pepelkus front
The form clearly communicates the function

Pepelkus is designed to be made of sheet metal and doesn’t call for a particular thickness—leaving a manufacturer some freedom—as long as the construction is strong enough to withstand the elements. The assembly method is also not mandatory: choose spot-welding or rivets. Pepelkus mounts to poles with a standard screw clamp.

pepelkus top
The size matters

The receptacle is mostly enclosed to ensure any still-lit cigarette butts stop burning out of oxygen deprivation.

pepelkus in use
Smoking is bad, but being neat is nice and easy

At the bottom of Pepelkus is a magnetic trap door that can be easily opened to empty the container’s contents into a trash bag or bucket.

Release date: June 25 2012


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