The making of the Peresvet logo

• Process

The first sketches.

The search goes on.

Art director: I think we can also show a curlew (or a kulik in Russian) in ornamental style, as Peresvet was a hero of the battle on Kulikovo Field.

I also like this lion (?), but I’m not entirely sure how we can use it.


Art director: The left one is better. But I would actually make a logo out of the bird or the lion.


Art director: In Wikipedia it has a crest, how about we add one, too?


Art director: I like the left one better, even though I can’t help but see taxi checkers on its head. Maybe, make feet shorter or remove them altogether? That would help get rid of any pathetic or comic feelings it might evoke.

Designer: With shorter feet and without feet altogether.

Or like this, shorter legs with no feet.

Art director: I would also show the design with the cross, although with four more squares and a logo. I also want to show the logo with the swords (although it had spears before), maybe we should add it as well?

Assembling a presentation.

The client prefers the church with the letter П.

But the color of the dome should match the color of the letter.

Trying different options.

The client asks us to suggest more shapes of the dome and the letter П and try other typefaces and colors.

The choice is made.

Order a design...