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Architectural elements for Komsomolsky Prospekt in Perm

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Task: to improve the avenue.

Komsomolsky Prospekt is one of the central avenues in the city of Perm. It runs along the left bank of the Kama River for over two miles. There is a long promenade in the middle of the avenue. Commissioned by city officials, the studio designers set about to change the face of the Prospekt.

perm kompros architecture 01
Entrance to the promenade will be decorated by a group of memorable architectural elements

Release date: December 12 2011


art director
technical designers
project manager

General view of the proposed updates.

perm kompros architecture 02

On the opposite side, at the end of the promenade, there will be sculptures inspired by the technique of folded paper figures.

perm kompros architecture 03
Origami birds
perm kompros architecture 03 small

Beginning of the avenue runs through the historic part of the city. Big beautiful clock is installed on the promenade.

perm kompros architecture 04
Meet me by the clock
perm kompros architecture 04 small

Green areas of the promenade are proposed to be separated from each other by decorative columns and architectural vases.

perm kompros architecture 05
Crossing to the next segment
perm kompros architecture 05 small

Vases play the role of intermediate entrance compositions within the project, pleasing the eye of an ordinary passerby, who is used to the gray city.

perm kompros architecture 06
Using Perm city’s new colors
perm kompros architecture 06 small

The street stalls currently scattered across the street are being replaced by large shops and supermarkets. At the end of the avenue there is a new shopping center.

perm kompros architecture 07

All the shop buildings have different shapes.

perm kompros architecture 08
Unity in diversity
perm kompros architecture 08 small

Facades of the new shopping center are decorated on the outside with colorful glazed tiles.

perm kompros architecture 09
Vibrant experiments with space
perm kompros architecture 09 small

During the city’s renovations, facades of the buildings will undergo important changes—many will return to their original state. Bleak signs will be replaced with the new ones, created using the Permian typeface.

perm kompros facades 02 before
perm kompros facades 03 before
The way it looked before, with wires and air conditioners spoiling the view
perm kompros facades 02 after
perm kompros facades 03 after
New version with the correct type and without the clutter

The billboards, blocking the daylight and depraving people of their view, will disappear from the walls of the buildings.

perm kompros facades 04 before
perm kompros facades 05 before
Billboard reads: “The house with plenty of sunlight”
perm kompros facades 04 after
perm kompros facades 05 after
The house from which the sun is visible.

Styling of signs will become more restrained. There will only be what’s necessary.

perm kompros facades 06 before
Everything is mixed together
perm kompros facades 06 after
Nothing extra, just what's important

Gray apartment blocks will be rejuvenated.

perm kompros facades 01 before
It wasn’t always like this, but it got to this point.
perm kompros facades 01 after
And this is what it will look like very soon
perm kompros facades 07
The new style of the city

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