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    Problem: Make people feel an overwhelming desire to visit Pestovo.

    The Pestovo Club is located 28 kilometers north of Moscow. Pestovo is home to a golf course, a yacht club, an equestrian center, cottages, recreation and entertainment facilities.

    Bird’s eye view

    Pestovo Golf Club is an 18-hole championship golf course stretching for over 6.5 kilometers. Each hole is provided with an illustrated description.

    14th hole of the championship course

    Cottages and low-rise apartment buildings are located in the club’s territory. Some sectors border on the golf course and lakes with islands, some are adjacent to the woods.


    Aside from yachts, the Yacht Club on the shore of the Pestovo reservoir offers facilities for seminars and banquets.

    The text flows around the yacht in waves (it’s a must-see)

    In the village there are a tennis court, a beauty parlor, a fitness center, a swimming pool, a water amusement park, a fountain,, places for angling,, skiing tracks and bicycle paths.

    Healthy lifestyle

    To top things off, in the neighborhood of the Pestovo Club there are historical monuments of the 17–18 centuries.

    Release date: June 07 2006


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