• Graphic design
  • The making of the Petrovka XX name and logo

    Overview• Process

    We start by searching for name ideas. Getting a look at the place.

    petrovka xx process new 01
    petrovka xx process new 02

    Looking at what business centers are generally named in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

    - Graffiti
    - Magnet
    - Senator on Maly Avenue
    - Antares
    - Voronezhskaya, 33
    - Citadel
    - Vant
    - Marvel
    - Senator on the 17th Line
    - Ericson
    - Vzlet
    - Ligovsky, 50
    - Hapsal
    - Office house
    - Senator on Popova, 37
    - Office-M Malevich
    - Office-M Bolshoy Avenue, 76
    - The Baltic Sea Center
    - Bolshaya Monetnaya, 16
    - Liner
    - 20th line
    - Office el 27
    - Novoselie
    - Zhukova, 19
    - Mertens House
    - Rostra
    - Tradition
    - Gulliver-1
    - Sovereign
    - Olminskogo, 6
    - Sampsonievsky
    - Midel
    - Kurchatova, 10
    - The Alexandro-Nevsky Manufactory
    - Koli Tomchaka, 10
    - Monarch
    - Sirius Park
    - Hanoi Moscow
    - Dominion Tower
    - Smena
    - Art Residence
    - Neo Geo
    - Seven One
    - Nov
    - Height
    - The Red Bogatyr
    - Au-rum
    - Central City Tower
    - Citidel
    - East Gate
    - Navigator
    - Nizhegorodsky
    - Novomoskovsky
    - Novorogozhsky
    - Novospassky
    - Olympic Hall
    - Olympia
    - Orlikov Plaza
    - Ochakovo
    - Simonovsky
    - Obukhovskoy Oborony, 130
    - Business Delo
    - The Nobel Road
    - Tambovskaya, 8
    - Orange
    - Sokol
    - Interpont
    - Labyrinth
    - Kadr
    - Suvorovsky
    - Avtopole
    - Preobrazhensky
    - Magnitka
    - Alfa Pulkovskoe
    - Ligovsky, 133 B
    - Sheremetyevskaya, 47
    - Everest

    Noting that often a place’s name is its address and that there’s a lot of English and English-inspired names as well as “monumental” ones.

    Looking at the property.

    petrovka xx process new 03

    Searching for the perfect candidate for the name.

    petrovka xx process new 04

    Writing a list of alternatives.

    - Petrovsky Lines
    - Petrovka, 20
    - Petrovsky Office

    Trying them on websites of companies offering office space for rent.

    petrovka xx process new 05
    petrovka xx process new 06

    Coming up with new ideas, showing them to the client.

    - Business Heritage
    - Petrovka Complex
    - Business Petrovka
    - Petrovka, 20

    Then adding some more.

    - Titul / Petrovsky Titul / Titul on Petrovka
    - Almanac / Petrovsky Almanac / Almanac on Petrovka
    - Petrovskie Linii — Petrovsky Lines

    The client chooses Petrovka, 20.

    Starting to work on the logo. Drawing the first sketches.

    petrovka xx process 01
    petrovka xx process 02
    petrovka xx process 03

    The art director tells us it has to be more elegant.

    Producing new designs.

    petrovka xx process 04

    The art director chooses the most promising ideas. Elaborating them a bit, trying on the façade and talking to the artistic director.

    petrovka xx process 05
    petrovka xx process 06
    petrovka xx process 07

    The artistic director criticizes all the ideas and suggests his own. Visualizing it.

    petrovka xx process 08

    Inviting the second designer to the project. Getting inspired by the surroundings.

    petrovka xx process 09


    petrovka xx process 10

    The art director sees in the logo a fence, the number 20 and the letter П and asks to make the symbol more geometric. Making it more crystal-like and putting it in line with other trendy guys.

    petrovka xx process 11

    Exploring different versions of the logo and the text.

    petrovka xx process 12

    Trying it all on the façade.

    petrovka xx process 13

    The client chooses the logo with the Roman numerals.

    Finalizing the shape of the logo.

    petrovka xx process 14
    petrovka xx process 15
    petrovka xx process 16
    petrovka xx process 17

    Art director: I’ve got an idea: We can make the П straight on the outside but keep the curves inside.

    petrovka xx process 18
    petrovka xx process 19

    The type designer creates the lettering.

    petrovka xx process 20

    Finalizing and putting everything together. The artistic director does not approve the kerning.

    petrovka xx process 21

    Spending a lot of time moving the letters, but in the end the artistic director does the kerning himself.

    petrovka xx process 22

    Starting to work on corporate documents. Creating business card designs.

    petrovka xx process 23
    petrovka xx process 24

    The chief typesetter asks to look for a different solution. Trying something else.

    petrovka xx process 26

    Artistic director: OK.

    Simultaneously working on the sign with business hours.

    petrovka xx process 27

    Chief typesetter: Too much information. Look at the lettering on ancient Roman columns.

    Looking at the columns.

    petrovka xx process 28

    Applying that style, removing excessive information.

    petrovka xx process 29

    Art director: I can’t see the text on the plate. If there are Roman numerals in it, it’s too much.

    Changing Roman numerals back to Arabic.

    petrovka xx process 30