Technologies of Success package and print materials

Problem: Create the design of Philip Morris trade program materials and think of an unusual and functional favor that will not prove just a “makeweight” to the booklets handed to participants.

Philip Morris’ “Technologies of Success” program for retail outlets selling the company’s tobacco products was launched on October 1, 2005 and will finish on June 15, 2006. The studio created the design of the materials to be distributed among program participants.

Boxes with sets of materials

The packaging box contains a favor—a wall/table mirror, while inside the mirror there are two booklets—the catalog of mobile phones and the program rules book with point tally sheets.

Mirror with an inbuilt point scale

Participants are broken down into three categories depending on sales volume. The sets of materials for each group are marked with a large point of one of the three colors.

Release date: November 15 2005


art director

Prize catalog and the trade partner’s manual

A presentation describing program rules was created for companies’ employees. The presentation and the print materials were designed in a single style.

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