The making of Claustrophobia holiday logos


First, we need to come up with a general principle that would work for a lot of themes.

For example, there are large-scale internal events such as the launch of the online store or of Claustrophobia for children. There are also external ones, like New Year or invention of some popular offline puzzle, etc. And there are also events from fiction, for example from literature, that happened on a specific date and are related to gaining freedom or solving a difficult task: Feburary 28, 1829 (Edmond Dantès’ escape from the Château d’If) or December 21, 1872 (Phileas Fogg’s circumnavigation of the world in 80 days). Making the first sketches.

phobia doodles process 02
phobia doodles process 06

To better understand the idea, going on a tour and completing the Vault 13 quest.

phobia doodles process 07

Coming up with a quest logo for New Year.

phobia doodles process 08

Rendering and hanging the flags.

phobia doodles process 10
phobia doodles process 11

The client asks to urgently draw a steampunk airship.

No time to think drawing two instead.

phobia doodles process 12
phobia doodles process 13

Next we need to come up with a logo for the Oblivion Cinema quest.

In the quest, an abandoned cinema is used as a place for experimenting on people with the aim of developing a psychotropic substance. People are drugged with gas, made watch horror movies to see how their bodies react. Half of the players are dressed in straitjackets, have their eyes tied and are locked to a pin on the floor of the cinema. In front of them are several TVs that show the films. If a visitor puts together the word Claustrophobia while switching channels on the TVs in the logo, a page with the quest description opens up.

phobia doodles process 15

Inventing the logo for the Fallout-inspired quest.

phobia doodles process 16

At this time, the Claustrophobia website changes its background color.

phobia doodles process 17

Preparing for the launch of the online store.

phobia doodles process 14
phobia doodles process 18

Publishing a Mona Lisa with parallax to celebrate Leonardo da Vinci’s birthday.

It doesn’t look like it’s really about inventions. Adding some blueprints.

phobia doodles process 20

Drawing continues.

Order a design...