Photography Allowed sign

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Task: to create a sign for free photography to allow unlimited picture taking in public spaces.

Blogger Ilya Varlamov has frequently ran into illegal photography prohibition in public spaces, such as transportation hubs, malls, and around office centers. On a daily basis dozens of other photographers and bloggers have to go through communication with ignorant security and police personnel who do not know what the law says, but know how to tell you “taking pictures here is prohibited.” As a matter of fact, you can shoot pics pretty much anywhere: in subways, airports, transportation centers, and malls.

photo ok
Support free photography

We've created a sign to support the freedom of photography. It's available for free for distribution and use anywhere and in any way: from storefront stickers in shops not forbidding photography to iron-ons.

Release date: July 06 2011


art director
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Versions of the sign with text lines

And while we're at it, you can take all the pictures you want in all our cafes and shops.

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