Ploschadkus 1

Task: to come up with a design for a portable sports ground.

Sweating it out in a gym isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. Far better to walk down to the park and do your work-out there. Especially if the park has training equipment. And especially if it’s Ploshadkus.

This modular gym is easy to move and quick to assemble. It’s made from lightweight metal pipes and wood-polymer composite boards. It doesn’t require any groundwork before you set it up. Ploshadkus helps you look good, and it’s good to look at.

Ploschadkus is designed to make sure all basic movements are easy to perform. It has a crunch bench, pull up bars, dip bars and a ladder — everything you need to strengthen up your core muscles. If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it, there’s also a handy set of instructions on technique (beautifully-illustrated, of course).

ploshadkus 1 front

A crunch bench, pull up bars, dip bars and a ladder are all you need to work on your core muscles. New to using this kind of equipment? Just refer to the beautifully illustrated guide.

ploshadkus 1 side

Ploschadkus can be easily put together anywhere you like, and there’s no special preparation of the area required. If you have enough space, you can put several modules together.

Ploschadkus brings joy to street athletes, outdoor gym bunnies, and calisthenics aficionados. No special equipment is necessary as users can rely on their own body weight when training. Ploschadkus is designed to make all basic movements easy to perform.

ploshadkus 1 final
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