Polis Group logo and corporate identity

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Task: to create a logo and a corporate identity for a construction group.

Polis Group is an association of companies constructing residential and industrial buildings in Saint Petersburg and the Leningrad Region. A logo and a corporate identity for the group were created at the studio.

polis logo
The main logo

The symbol made of houses symbolizes a modern residential district and literally reflects the activity of Polis Group: building for the people. The idea behind the logo is supported by pronouncedly handmade and somewhat naive style of corporate illustrations. Versions of the logo for different situations, corporate colors, documentation, illustration style and examples of its use are all presented in the brand book.

Release date: January 30 2014


artistic director
art director
type designer
chief typesetter
project manager
polis guide sign
Opening with the logo and the source of inspiration for its creation

polis guide colors
Opening on corporate colors

polis style
All for work

polis bg big

Order a design...