PosCredit system interface mock-ups

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to simplify the job of loan specialists.

PosCredit is an electronic tool for making loan applications without going through lengthy formal procedures. Stores sell expensive goods, banks offer loans that help purchase them and PosCredit works as an aggregator helping find the best offers. The interface of the system created at the studio speeds up the application process and reduces the number of errors at all stages.

pos credit product
The first step: choosing products to purchase

Each loan application is sent to several banks. They respond with offers that are collected in the loan calculator where they can be easily compared. If necessary, loan conditions can be adjusted manually.

pos credit calc
Instant comparison

The seamless interface with no page reloads helps the loan specialist focus on the application.

pos credit inform
Sticky footer compensates for lengthy pages

After an application has been completed, all information is presented on one page for review and verification.

pos credit check
Big button for big decisions

Bank response cards clearly show status and conditions of each offer.

pos credit state
Status of a response is also reflected in the color of its tab

The system’s interface is adapted for mobile devices.

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project manager

Pos-credit  Interfaces  Banks and financial institutions