• Interfaces
  • The making of PosCredit system interface mock-ups

    Overview• Process

    Researching the task extensively. The system allows to choose the best offer among many bank offers. On the other hand, store employees don’t have to work with interfaces of different banks, all they need to do is install PosCredit.

    The system has proven itself from the business side but the interface needs to be updated. The main aim is to minimize application time and errors.

    Looking at the current interface and thinking what can be improved.

    Making the first approach, trying to find the style by designing several screens.

    Testing different solutions.

    Having found the style, making gradual improvements by drawing new pages.

    One iteration after another.

    Putting styles in order and assembling a lorem ipsum page.

    Visualizing principles of adaptation to smaller screens.

    Assembling the main animation for developers.