Posuda Tsentr online store templates

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to create templates for a household goods online store.
assembled and populated by the client

Posuda Tsentr is a retail chain offering cookware, linens, kitchen utensils, household items as well as beauty, health and leisure products. Templates for the company’s online store were created at the studio.

posudatsentr main

Store symbol

One of the symbols of the online store along with the company’s official logo is a specially created mascot. It combines images of a cozy home, energy and kindness while also hinting at the scale of the company’s activities.

posudatsentr logo

Catalog search

Customers can easily search for required items in themed product sets or products of the same category.

posudatsentr products
posudatsentr filter

The Promotions section presents currently available bargains.

posudatsentr salles

Clicking the yellow button reveals the entire diversity of goods.

Хочу видеть всё!

Product card

Product card contains description of the item, a full list of its specifications and an image gallery.

posudatsentr product
posudatsentr 404

Shopping cart

When an item is added to the cart, a notification with current discounts and promotions for related products is shown.

posudatsentr backet

Order confirmation

After checkout customers receive order confirmation with the phone number of the manager responsible for their order.

posudatsentr buying