Ideology by Nikolay Andreychenko and Andrey Reus

Task: to design and publish a book on management analysis.

Ideology is a set of critically understood ideas that drive a person’s actions, and a conscious way of working with ideas. The authors consider the main goal of the publication to be promoting effective work with ideas: compiling a Red Book of ideas that are “in danger of extinction,” restoring ideas that have changed their original meaning or that have been twisted, analysis of “toxic” ideas whose realization has cost humanity a great deal and adding them to the Black Book.

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The book postulates a hypothesis about the decisive influence ideas have on the course of the historical process in the interval from the ancient times to the first plans to build an autonomous civilization on Mars.

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We appeal first and foremost to the young generation, but also to everyone young at heart who found the strength, despite their age, to be modern, and hope to invite criticism and objections.

This little book is an attempt to restore true meaning to the notion of ideology which today, in our view, is seen as “profane,” driving people into a cattle stable and serving only as an instrument for destruction of life.


From the epilogue by the authors

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The book is not intended to be light reading, but will surely be of interest to people who are thinking about how to live in the modern world while understanding its structure.

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Nikolay Fedorovich Andreychenko is a student of Georgy Shchedrovitsky, author of several publications on methodology and ideology, vice-president for project-analytical training of the Togliatti Academy of Management, board member of the G. P. Shchedrovitsky Institute for Development.

Andrey Georgievich Reus is a student of Georgy Shchedrovitsky, Ph.D. in Economics, former Deputy Minister of Industry and Energy of the Russian Federation, one of the authors of the Methodological School of Management collection of essays, chairman of the board of the G. P. Shchedrovitsky Institute for Development.

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  • Made in Russia
  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • Dimensions: 144×215 mm (5,7″×8,5″)
  • Press run: 5000
  • ISBN 978-5-98062-143-8
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