The making of the cover for How to Change Absolutely Anything by Damian Hughes

Overview   Process  

The illustrator reads the book and draws first sketches.

damian hughes process 1

Coming up with the idea of stripes symbolizing the steps described in the book (and also difficulties we have to face of our way to change ourselves).

damian hughes process 2
damian hughes process 4

Art director: ОК.

Making a sketch, showing it to the client. He approves, but wants us to make the colors brighter.

damian hughes process 5

Client: We don’t think black is the right color here. Could you maybe make a character dark brown or some other color that would stand out against the white cover and the bright stripes?

damian hughes process 6

Client: Could you fix the hole in the body next to the arm, it looks strange.

Fixing the hole, changing the color, laying out the cover.

damian hughes process 7

Order a design...