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Navigation system for the new Pulkovo Airport terminal

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Task: to create an easy-to-use navigation for an airport.

Pulkovo is the only passenger airport in Saint Petersburg operating since 1932. In 2013 it handled nearly 13 million passengers. To serve a growing number of passengers, a new hi-tech terminal was opened on December 4, 2013. The Studio designed a navigation system, graphic visual identity and easily understandable signs that help passengers navigate the terminal which spans over one hundred and forty six thousand square meters.

pulkovo navigation booth
Information boards, screens and signs are easy to notice

There are no unnecessary arrows and excessive graphic elements. The duplicated directions are indicated with one arrow.

Release date: March 14 2014


art director
type designer
project manager
Art. Lebedev Studio would like to thank Dmitry Rudenko, Ekaterina Kosheleva, Volker Wendefeuer and Johan Herter for their assistance with the project
pulkovo navigation top
Elegant signs with no superfluous elements

Departure gates signs are three dimensional. Additional visual cues help passengers navigate the terminal.

pulkovo navigation gates

Additional navigation elements are placed on large surfaces: walls, escalators, architectural elements. Passengers can see where to go before they get to a navigation stand or information panel.

pulkovo navigation departure
The extra signs mark the way

The most important objects have icons associated with them. All icons and arrows are placed directly on the background—without additional layers and color blocks.

The essential kit

The eye-catching icons are created from scratch. People figures are drawn realistically. For the first time a disabled person is pictured not as a sad guy on wheels, but as a determined and energetic character.

pulkovo navigation invalid
Strong in spirit

Baggage carousels are decorated with simple and beautiful stands with numbers on them.

pulkovo navigation luggage
"Welcome to Saint Petersburg!"

The signs between different levels and parts of the terminal contain additional information on your current location and the location of different objects. Passengers learn whether they need to go up or down straight away.

Characters and objects on the icons face the related objects of the airport

All texts are written in two languages.

pulkovo navigation texts
Easy to understand

Taxi stands are designed in compliance with the overall style. Official carriers can be recognized at first glance.

pulkovo navigation taxi
Transfer to any part of the city

The new model of the scanner is accompanied with clear, explicit instructions.

pulkovo navigation scan
Scanner facts can be found on the side panel

The carry-on baggage check stations contain memos on prohibited items.

pulkovo navigation posters
8 kilos of carry-on baggage per one passenger

Pulkovo Airport navigation system will continue to develop.

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