R-Pharm website

Task: to develop a website that is easy to maintain.

R-Pharm is a giant company. And all of its work is aimed at helping people.

The company develops and manufactures new drugs and supplies innovative medical equipment. Since all areas of operation are important, the design developed in the studio emphasizes their equal value.

The catalog grouped by therapeutic areas and types of procedures is easy to navigate to find the necessary products.

Different formats of cards help to easily design and maintain search results.

Product description cards open on top of the page without having to leave the catalog.

R-Pharm represents well-known brands of medical equipment. They have official pages on the website, approved by each brand individually. If a new brand needs to be added, its page can be easily created and colored in the desired colors.

The flexible visual language with smoothed corners inspires trust.

Rounded elements on the website give a pleasant impression of being clean, friendly and gentle. They help the brand remain both corporate and human-oriented at the same time.

The company is growing and changing dynamically, which is why the website is flexible as well: pages can be easily assembled from ready-made blocks.

If you find yourself on an error page, you can take a break from work and try collecting pills. And maybe even set a record!


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