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Nice Large Images at Autorambler

Overview   Process  

[This work is in the museum]

Problem. Create a photo gallery.

At Autorambler they decided to finally handle the many CDs collected over time and publish nice large images of cars online. We came up with the name for the gallery and made web templates for it.

Nice large images sorted by brands and collections

Visitors to the gallery won’t find any redundant info.

Auto brands page

Release date: October 10 2008


art director
privy councilor
technical designer
technical director

For the best view in your browser, you need to select the convenient mode that adjusts images to window width and height.

Full view, which looks great on phone screens and displays of any size—tiny, medium, large or gigantic

This view mode, where nothing distracts attention from shiny sides and speed blur, lets car-lovers enjoy the gallery no less than a porn magazine.

Next/Previous buttons are replaced with trendy neon glow

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