The making of the RBC Foreign Currency Market website layouts

Overview• Process

The existing service of finding currency exchange offices needs to be reinvented making use of modern tools. We start from the beginning by plotting the addresses on the map.

process rbc quote 01

Showing information about the selected office in a separate card.

process rbc quote 02

Getting the client’s comments that not all entries in the table are equal: for example, there is paid placement and special offers. Besides, search tools also need to be updated. Adjusting the layout.

process rbc quote 03

The client suggests not to tie clients to the map and to give them the option to see the results in a traditional list. Developing the idea. Making adjustments, including the ability to add banks to Favorites and filter by currently open offices.

process rbc quote 04
process rbc quote 05

Simultaneously working on the statistics and help pages.

process rbc quote 06
process rbc quote 07

Suggesting to use a live graph to show rate dynamics.

process rbc quote 08

To enter their rates, representatives of banks and exchange offices need to create an account and choose one of the pricing plans. Designing the plan information page and the application form.

process rbc quote 09
process rbc quote 10

Getting another reminder from the client about paid services and special offers. We need to include this information, too.

process rbc quote 11

Showing the layouts to the client, getting the final OK and sending everything for typesetting.