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    Task: to create a colorful website about racing.

    Release date: October 16 2015

    The Russian Drag Racing Championship is a series of races for professional drivers who pilot their own cars customized specifically for the competition. There are no limits to the power of cars. Every year, several Russian cities host different stages of the competition. The new website provides information about past and upcoming races.

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    Main page

    The Pilots section contains photographs of racers and their cars as well as results.

    rdrc site pilot
    Champion’s page

    Highlights of each stage are captured by photographers and videographers and can be viewed in the Photos and Videos sections of the website.

    rdrc site photo
    Daily report

    In between seasons, the main website is replaced with a stove parked in a hangar.

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    The website is managed using Imprimatur I (Java) proprietary technology

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