Metaphor Toolbars Indicators Project

ReGet Deluxe 2.1 has toolbars for each of the p;following purposes:

  • managing downloads;
  • log viewing;
  • managing websites;
  • download scheduling;
  • browsing download history;
  • searching files.

And a sidebar.

The first toolbar was introduced by Microsoft in 1990 in Excel 3.0 table editor. Its name was then accompanied by the trademark sign:

Microsoft® ToolbarTM

Users could not yet customize ToolbarTM...

ReGet Sidebar Demo



Website manager



ReGet Deluxe 2.1 sidebar demonstration
Icons on the left as well as all other ReGet pictograms, use 256 Windows system colors*.

This is the way we showed the interface to the clients. Bring the cursor over the icons.

*Starting 2002 Art. Lebedev Studio is to produce interfaces for Windows XP and Mac OS X (with 24-bit color).

ReGet Toolbars Demo
Manage Downloads toolbar
свойства закачки запустить закачку приостановить закачку переставить выше переставить ниже минимальная скорость средняя скорость максимальная скорость
This toolbar has everything necessary to manage your downloads and nothing redundant. The main buttons are provided with their functions names (New Download, Remove, Remove Finished Downloads) that can be turned off at your option.
The coloring mouse-over effect for black and white icons was invented long ago. We thought it not enough and added highlighting. Move the cursor over the icons to see it.

All in all we created over 200 icons for ReGet Deluxe 2.1, including different status icons and excluding those there were disapproved.

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